1. What are the most successful event themes?
    a. This is a great question as it helps us better understand your knowledge of events. There are quite of a variety of events and it helps to keep your options open especially in the planning stages. We work with you to determine what makes the most sense for your network.
  2. What are the key ingredients to a successful events?
    a. This is a great question because it highlights how events are based on a formula. Although each event is unique there are similar characteristics that are shared across all of them. One most not only consider what happens before, during and after the event, but we have also determined that Pre-planning and planning are also essential ingredients that almost guarantee the success of an event.
  3. What knowledge to do we need to have in-house to best leverage events?
    a. This is a great question because it highlight the team effort required for a successful event. The short answer is none, as we have you covered, however we train you and your team to best leverage the results from our event and future events.
  4. What can we do on social media to best prepare for an upcoming event?
    a. This is a great question as it highlights that there are synergies between the online world that compliments the offline world. The key in the question is prepare, not just promote. Promoting is easy, what’s more challenging is the end result. What can you do as an individual or organization to maximize the results of the event by leveraging social media.
  5. Who needs to be involved in the event?
    a. This is a great question as it highlights the team effort required to successfully host an event. We have identified 7 key roles that are part of events, and 3 key roles that are part of event event. The primary three are Organizer(s), Venue and Attendees. At the very least there are two people and a place. Then depending on the goal of the event there are speakers, sponsors, partners and service providers. We help determine and find the most critical people to be involved in your event.
  6. 6. What are the best ways to connect with our community offline?
    a. This is a fantastic question as it changes the perspective of why you are putting the event together in the first place. It’s about your community.
  7. What should our event goals be?
    a. This is a great question because there are metrics involved with every event. Just like each is unique so are the event goals. Some events need to be big to be successful. Others are better to be small. We help you select the appropriate goals for each event.
  8. How can we best leverage if our event trends?
    a. This is an excellent question as it deals with the more important question. We have been apart of and helped many event trend online. This helps the brand not only connect with the people at the event but more importantly help the organizers position the next event(s).
  9. How do we best reach people outside of our network?
    a. This is a great question as it symbolizes the potential for growth. There are a variety of ways to extend your reach from traditional media, Social media to word of mouth. We will help you select the appropriate channels.
  10. What’s the ROI of an event?
    a. This is one of the most vital questions as it highlights the important event metrics. We help you identify the appropriate metrics and help you to achieve them.


  1. How do we maximize the success of our projects?
    a. This is a great question as it symbolizes a joint effort. We are here for you to become successful. The more successful you become the more successful we become.
  2. What’s the major difference between LITBeL Consulting and other Event Planning agencies?
    a. The majority of traditional event planning agencies are still traditional and haven’t developed an expertise in New/Social Media. Many aren’t familiar with Social Media Command Centers, how to craft an event that trend on social media, how to analyze social media metrics, etc We select the best social media specialist for the project while still leverage proven event planning and promotional principals.
  3. What’s the major difference between LITBeL Consulting and other Social Media Marketing agencies?
    a. Social media marketing skills don’t automatically transfer to event planning and promotions. There are various intricacies that are part of the event planning and promotional process that are essential know such as venue selection, venue negotiation, word of mouth promotions, offline partnership development, event metrics, event ROI, just to name a few. We have over 20 years event planning and promotion experience as well as practice, speak and teach New / Social Media best practices frequently.
  4. What’s the major difference between LITBeL Consulting and PR agencies?
    a. Given the fact that we have worked in and with PR agencies we have realized many partnership opportunities. The major ones are around, education/training and event promotions. There is generally no or very little emphasis put on training because for the most part Social Media and/or event planning and promotions are not part of their core competency. Most PR agencies can’t grow their own following so they shouldn’t be expected or hired to help a client grow their network. Agencies are very good at having their own employees like, and share their clients content however this strategy is only effective if the agencies employees are also their clients consumers. When it comes to event planning and promotions they are very good attracting their employees and friends however the majority lack the skills, time and/or resources to go beyond their current network. We provide specific training for PR Agencies and partner with them to ensure a complete solution for the client.
  5. Do you teach us how to best leverage social media tools for future events?
    a. Great question and yes. During our initial meeting, where we discuss the goal(s) of the relationship, the event, and/or project, we assess the client needs and make some recommendations. Once we have determine the right tools based on goals, event format, team, etc we training the appropriate team on how to best leverage the tools we recommend.
  6. How far in advance in project management process should we engage LITBeL Consulting?
    a. The sooner the better. We have had clients let know of project years in advance so that we can ensure that we locked the dates and other resources like speakers, sponsors, etc. We have also been brought into projects days and sometimes hours before an event and worked with those constraints.
  7. Can you help streamline our internal social media process?
    a. Yes, and we prefer to do so. Given our engineering background we specialize in streamline processes as it make the project much more efficient and scalable.
  8. Do you work with Non-Profits, University, individuals, or companies with smaller budgets?
    a. Yes, we work with a wide variety of individuals, corporations and organizations but public and private. We also a variety of services both free and paid that help our clients and network.
  9. We have a diverse team and/or audience, Do you speak any other language beside English?
    a. Yes we also speak Spanish and helped launch Latino In Social Media ie #Latism
  10. 10. We have a variety of locations around the world, Can you travel to them for training or any other aspect of the project?
    a. Yes, we have international travel experience and are more than willing to go the extra mile for our clients.