Want To Grow Your Business & Events With New Media?

Mastering social media is a cornerstone to success in today’s market – where traditional magazine, billboard and radio advertising are struggling to engage audiences like yours.

By learning how to best leverage new media, such as Twitter, and live events to grow your business, you will

  • be able to engage new and existing customers
  • get real time feedback on what’s working and what needs improvement,
  • gain a strong understanding of the principals that will help you develop a loyal community of consumers of your product and/or service.
  • Among many, many other valuable things.

You can choose from social media training in two areas:

New Media Training

  • 101 New Media Training – This training is meant for people getting started.  We leverage twitter as the foundation to understand the entire social media tool landscape.  We cover
    • What is Social Media
    • The Benefits of Social Media
    • The Importance of Social Media now
    • How to get started and make an immediate impact in your industry
    • The value of key concepts like Hashtags and how to best leverage them
    • How to research you market, customers and competition
    • How to setup your profiles so that you are easily found online
    • How to research your competition without them knowing
    • Know the best time saving tools to use to get started
    • Much, much more.
  • 201 Custom New Media Training – This training is meant for people that have at least 1 month of active use as you will get specific answers to your most challenging obstacles.  This is a more hands on workshop style training designed to go thru many advanced strategies such as :
    • Developing a Content Strategy and Content Calendar
    • How to determine ROI
    • The difference between a personal and a business social media strategy
    • How to effectively connect and share content via all your social profiles
    • How to optimize your social profile for increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits
    • What your current profiles says about your brand and how to you can do to immediately enhance your brand
    • How to build an effective social media team
    • How to best combine your website and offline events with your New Media strategy
    • And much much more

Events Planning + Management

  • Event Planning – This training is designed specifically for any event organizer with or without experience, and teaches you to best leverage new media to enhance the results of your event. You will learn the 5 Phases of event planning and promotions which will be the blueprint you will use to almost guarantee the success of your future events.
  • Networking 2.0 – This training is meant for any event attendee with or without networking experience and teaches you how to best leverage new media to enhance your ability to connect with the best people to achieve your personal and business goals.  You will learn the secrets to not only being well known in your industry but how to leverage outlets like the media to enhance your brand.