Want to learn how to leverage events to generate more business? Whether small event or conference and/or you’re a host, venue, speaker, sponsor, etc learn the secrets that will help you best capitalize on social events.

Learn :

  • The 5 Phases to New Media Event Planning and Promotions
  • Incorporate Social Media into your Event Planning and Promotional process
  • The most essential Social Media metrics
  • How to staff for Social Media at your events
  • The essential Social Media sites for your event
  • How to streamline your event planning process by leveraging Social Media
  • How to generate more leads than anyone else in your industry
  • What it takes to beat your competition leveraging Social Media
  • How to leverage Social Media to engage and get more positive press for your event
  • What it takes to get more people to go to and be excited for your events
  • and much much more