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The Boston Community didn’t have a unifying networking event that showcased the best examples of social media across various industries.


With some many organizations and event organizers there wasn’t an easy way to coordinate with all the major groups in Boston area.


BostonTweetUp the biggest and broadest Social Media / Networking event for three straight years.


MegaTweetUp has consistently been the most anticipated and talk about networking event in Boston.  It’s the only family friendly event that highlights almost every single industry in Boston area from students, to young professionals, to entertainers, to entrepreneurs, to technologies, just to name a few.  It has showcased artists like Karmin, who ended up on the cover of Rolling Stone due to their YouTube success, to singer songwriter Ryan Van Sickle, who currently has over 700,000 people following via Google+, who performed via Google Hangout, just to name a couple of entertainers. 

MegaTweetUp had the first college student run Social Media Command Center that analyzed and reported all the Social Media content that was generated as a result of the event.

Within MegaTweetUp there were several mini-tweetups designed to highlight industries like Fashion, Social Media, Green, Technology, Higher Education, just to name a few.

The event also had sponsors and partners like the Boston Globe, Eventbrite, Karma Loop, Radian 6 (a SalesForce company), among many many more.

MegaTweetUp has become a template as to how to setup and organize and event as well as how to best leverage Eventbrite the tool used to register people for the event.