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MassChallenge, an annual global accelerator program and startup competition, needed an easier way to showcase their sponsors and finalist during their annual awards ceremony.


During traditional awards ceremonies the attendees don’t always reference the appropriate sponsors and/or finalists name via their official social media credentials.  This is primarily due to the combination of lack of knowledge in addition to the pace of an awards show.  The MassChallenge team wanted to avoid this issue and also not disrupt the format of the awards event.


The MassChallenge team partnered with BostonTweetUp who not only provided the event with the proper tools to ensure that everyone used the proper social media credentials of the sponsors, speakers, finalists, etc. but who also setup a Social Media Command Center.  The Social Media Command Center provided real-time social statics that were provided during the event as well as Social Media metrics after the event.


The MassChallenge team received a report of all the social media traffic which highlighted which brands were the most discussed that evening, who generated the most visible content, as well as other statistics that they were able to leverage in reporting back to their sponsors.