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Indochino, a custom male fashion company, was on a North American wide product launch tour and wanted to gain exposure in the Boston market.


Boston doesn’t have a history of modern men’s fashion so to find the appropriate men that fit Indochino’s core demographic was the biggest challenge.


Indochine partnered with BostonTweetUp to host a Traveling Tailor Tweetup.  Unlike a traditional tweetup were everyone arrives at the same time, the goal of this unique tweetup was to have attendees make an individual appointment to get a fitting within a certain “Tweetup” time frame. 


Joselin was a tremendous help in driving appointments to our Traveling Tailor pop-up shop which visits different cities within North America. As we weren’t from the area we wanted to connect with fashionable men within the city, and needed assistance connecting with the community. We did this by partnering with brands that were able to connect us to our core consumer. Joselin organized a specific tweetup for our brand. Since we are a custom shop dealing with an appointments only format, the tweetup needed to accommodate that structure. Joselin and BostonTweetUp more than met our needs and we actually couldn’t take on any more clients the night we held it. It was one of our most successful nights of the entire event, we often reference its success when discussing our needs in different markets. If you are looking to connect to a specific audience, we highly recommend connecting with Joselin of BostonTweetUp.

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