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Create an event that united the Cadillac brand with social media influencers and/or savvy professionals in the Boston area.


With the wide variety of events in the Boston area as well as busy social media professionals that get pitched about products all the time.


By partnering with BostonTweetUp, who organized the entire event, Cadillac was able to just show up and network with a variety of Social Media savvy professionals throughout the evening.

BostonTweetup researched and selected the best conferences to partner with, this strategy provided a boost in brand recognition as well as less overall effort.  BostonTweetUp designed the event to trend on social media which also gave the brand additional visibility for those people that weren’t able to attend the event. 


The event was a success for Cadillac, the attendees as well that the conference partner.  The event was one of the most discussed items in Boston via twitter with over 220,000 impressions and reaching over 100,000 people.