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The Boston Business Model Generation meetup group was just getting started and wanted a way to get more exposure.  The Business Model Generation meetup group is an event inspired by the Business Model Generation book, who’s Author lives in Switzerland.


Given the amount of events hosted in Boston on a weekly basis it is extremely difficult to stand out.


Working with BostonTweetUp who not only promoted the event via their social channels i.e. Twitter, Facebook, newsletter, website, etc. but more importantly documented the event and provided and easy way for their vast network to connect with the Boston Business Model Generation meetup team. The blog post review also provides tips on how they can improve future events and is used as a way for other event organizers to learn from.


After the blog post review was completed and shared with the appropriate tags it was easily for the author, who lives in Switzerland, to be aware of the Boston meetup group and share to his network across the globe.  Currently the meetup group has gained visibility from people in Tokyo, San Francisco, Columbia, France, Indonesia just to name a few.